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Hey – I'm Joby a freelance developer in Brighton, UK

I've been designing, building and collaborating on rich interactive software and web-based applications for 10 years. I provide implementation and consultancy services to businesses in all stages of the software development cycle.

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I can help identify technologies which align with your requirements and future plans, write technical specifications or advise on hosting, version-control and automated testing strategies.


I mainly work with React on the front end and Laravel / PHP or NodeJS on the back-end although I’ve also worked extensively with Python in past projects.


Having worked in agencies and product teams I have experience releasing, supporting and upgrading applications. I can also help diagnose performance issues.

Joby is a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced developer who made a significant contribution to our product.

Simon Coggins , Director of Learning Technologies, Totara Learning

#Project highlights

Maverex Payer Value Platform

Market access consultancy Maverex were looking to build an innovative web app providing a bespoke content management experience.

I designed and led development of a system based on their requirements using React for rich editing interfaces and single page app features. The Laravel MVC framework provided a solid and flexible back-end. A preview of the digital tool was given at industry conference ISPOR Europe 2019.

  • react
  • laravel

Molior Property database

Web agency Ixxy needed a freelancer with first-class front-end skills and experience working with sophisticated Django back-ends to implement a design refresh for a prestigious client's location-based web app.

I delivered a scalable BEM based solution, upgrading existing styles to SCSS for a complete update of the look and feel based on a provided mockup. This included multiple data-driven layouts and dynamically generated PDF downloads.

  • sass
  • django

Mind Click Hr-sync middleware

Award-winning learning technologies provider Mind Click* engaged me to find a solution to a performance bottleneck synchronising users between an international clients' HR system and learning platform, Totara.

Leveraging NodeJS for its non-blocking IO coupled with in-memory data store Redis I developed server-side middleware to interact with the HR APIs rapidly generating an optimised data set. This significantly reduced import load in Totara allowing the client to scale up from daily to hourly sync runs.

*Mind-Click have since been acquired by Learning Pool.

  • nodejs

Civil service learning Portal

While working at LEO I led a team of developers maintaining and extending a complex 400,000 user learning portal for the Civil Service.

Working with a suite of technologies including Moodle and Drupal the team successfuly undertook a major upgrade and data migration as well as code optimisation and SQL database performance tuning. On the front end a major UI overhaul converted legacy fixed-width layouts to use a responsive grid improving mobile accessibility across the portal.

  • moodle
  • drupal

Qatar Digital Library The mill

The British Library in partnership with the Qatar National Library needed a way to transform digitised archives into web-accessible content as part of the revolutionary Quatar Digital Library project.

Working in the team at Cogapp I architected and implemented a bespoke service using Python to process and dispatch content archived by the British Library to the portal CMS or faceted search index. I was able to contribute back to the Library of Congress’ open source Bagit package, upgrading support to the latest version of the specification at the time.

Known affectionately as ‘The Mill’ the program has processed over 1.8 million records.

  • python

MoMA Louise Bourgeois

The Museum of Modern Art decided to make their Louise Bourgeois collection available via the web. The collection contained many variants of works which MoMA wanted to help visitors explore.

I was involved in developing the rich JavaScript UI at Cogapp allowing users to discover and compare Bourgeois’ works by category, surfaced from MoMA’s back-office catalogue. The site ‘ Louise Bourgeois: The Complete Prints and Books ’ was a Webby Awards Official Honoree

  • javascript
  • php

Chart Scarborough Web app

Cultural mapping initiative CHART Scarborough were interested in producing an experimental web app allowing users to create and share trails using the design of their bespoke paper-based map.

I delivered a phase 1 prototype using the Codeigniter MVC framework to power a rich JavaScript location-based interface. Users could create and manage cultural trails placing waypoint markers on an interactive version of the CHART map. Descriptive text and multimedia assets from Flickr, Soundcloud and Vimeo could be attached to markers and a printable version of each trail downloaded.

  • javascript
  • codeigniter

All your pont Game collaboration

Université Paris 8 hosted a residential based around the theme of games as art for Masters students from their campus, Goldsmiths’ and the University of Hull.

Collaborating with students from the other Universities I worked on the motion tracking for a projection-mapped game prototype built in Processing. The game ‘All Your Pont Are Belong To Us’ was based on an upside-down version of Space Invaders and intended to be played on bridges.

Watch on Vimeo

  • processing

7K Interactive installation

Open source activists Kiberpipa commissioned artist Saša Spačal to produce an interactive installation for their bio-technology festival.

Working with Saša and Lumen Student Prize winner Tadej Droljc I designed and built the Processing software to run two autonomous environments simultaneously displayed on 40inch screens. These environments reacted to the input from two Arduino powered proximity sensors and a C02 sensor. The application communicated across the network triggering sounds from Tadej‘s MaxMSP audio patches.

The installation exhibited at a number of art-science festivals between 2010 and 2016.

Watch on Vimeo

  • processing
  • arduino

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